Thursday, February 21, 2008

From the Visionary Mind That Has Yet to Bring You Anything of Substance...

Comes FURTHER ADVENTURES Chapbooks & Pamphlets.

Who are we? A small press dedicated to breaking new poets, as well as new work by established poets (which is how we plan on breaking the new poets). Our format is this: Each book or pamphlet will feature the work of two poets/writers that our editor deems compatible/coordinating/ collaborative in some way. The two mini-chapbooks will be bound together in a single volume, although as upside-down mirror images of each other(yes, like the Speigel catalog), ideally with the two poets meeting in the middle. In this way, we have our adventure and our further adventure. Two "things," that operate separately, but are made to communicate.

It is my hope to have the first volume out within the next two months and subsequent volumes following as frequently as the quality of work and personal time allows.

As every adventure begins with a challenge, this is the one we are laying out before you: We are looking for your best 5-7 pages of poetry (a longer poem, or shorter poems linked in some way), that announces to the world who you are. Specifically, what we want are poems that melt faces, explode brains, and make poetry purposeful again.

If you or any of your friends have written any poems like this we encourage you to send them to us here:

Additionally, we are taking cover submissions. What does this mean? you may be asking yourself. Well, we are looking for all things cover-esque. Things you have made, re-made, drawn on, printed on, practiced printing on, painted, sewed and slept on. We are looking for these things and you can help by sending them to us here:

Further Adventures Chapbooks & Pamphlets
5110 South Kenwood Avenue, Apartment 209
Chicago, Illinois 60615

These are no longer our adventures, no...they are our further adventures.

Won't you join them?

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